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<span style="font-weight: bold">everyone says beagles are noisy</span>
sophie is quiet as a church mouse. the only thing she barks at so far is the tape measure.

<span style="font-weight: bold">everyone says beagles are chow hounds</span>
sophie has been up since 6 am so far today (typical) and her breakfast is still sitting ignored. i have seen it last until lunch time and beyond. most of the time she could care less about treats. so far the only ones she will even eat are these soft pellet like liver things.

<span style="font-weight: bold">everyone says beagles love chew toys, especially kong toys. </span>
sophie couldn't care less about a kong chew toy, even if you stuff it with kibble (unless there is peanut butter involved)
she is happy with a stuffed animal that she alternates between cuddling and chewing, or a squeaky ball. or one of my old socks with a knot in it.

if she gets a piece if rock salt in her foot she will stop, raise her foot, and look at me. she's waiting for me to get it out for her.
she moves her blanket around the house according to where she wants to lay at a given moment. she reminds me of linus.

she seems to love it when i show her this video:

she will wake from sleeping to cross the room and watch it if i put it on, and walk away when it's over.

i sure do love my weird dog.

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You're not the only one with weird beagles.

Monty's bark sounds more like a sneeze.

Chica has zero interest in mouthing or chewing anything that doesn't have some food value to it. Rawhide doesn't count.

Monty loves to play fetch, but Chica won't play with people. She only wants to play with other dogs. People are for food and belly rubs.

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Our guy doesn't make much noise either...except when he hears two other beagles in the neighborhood being mouthy.

He does however eat everything and anything...and I mean anything. I think i'd be happier to deal with barking then having to pull stuff out of his mouth.
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