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My Beagle has a huge tumor

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Hello..I have a female beagle who is about 11 yrs old now. Almost 2 years ago she developed a lump on her breast. That same lump is now pretty big and it hangs fom her stomach. I did take her to the vet last year and they dont think its cancerous otherwise she would be dead by now. I wanted it removed but they wanted between 3-4 thousand dollars which right now I cannot afford being a single income with two small kids I have to feed. She is in no physical pain and is very active and eats well (too well sometimes). The lump however is getting pretty big and that she is probaly not comfortable carrying that mass, and I am sure that it gets in the way when she lies down or jump. She is not fixed (which is my fault for not etting it done earlier, which may have prevented the tumor). Not sure what to do now, she had been our dog since she was 7 weeks old. These are though economic times and I am in danger of getting laid off soon. We still dont have the money to get her tumor taken out.
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The growth of the tumor would concern me. The price you were quoted from the vet seems a bit extreme to me though, have you considered a second opinion from another vet?

I do not have experience with lumps but a friend of mine has a black lab with some rather large lumps that were diagnosed as non-cancerous but they do look and seem uncomfortable.

There is a thread on this forum that lists help for veterinary bills/expenses, maybe that can help you out?

Best of luck! Keep us posted and I hope someone else can offer some advice, better insight for you!
I don't have any advice for you just wanted to send good thoughts for your sweet beagle. I hope you can maybe find a less expensive procedure to make her more comfortable.
I would also agree with getting a second opinion. Prayers for you and your family, two legged and four legged.
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I hope that there is a solution to your dilema! My thoughts are with you.
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