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Murphys Test and FLA Meetup

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First, We got Murphy's test results back with him being at 1/2 chemo dosage...


So we keep him at this level for at least a month with stable normal results. I will keep you updated.

The November Florida BW Meetup:
We will have to change the date frim Sunday 11/18 to Saturday 11/17. Hopefully this doesn't stop anyone from joining us.

BTW: Does anyone have a better place than Honeymoon Island?
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Great News about Murphy :bounce:
Way to go, Murphy! :bounce2:
Great news Murph.

As soon as I fiqure out where Honeymoon Island is, Vinny, Miles and the gang will be there.

Looking forward to it. :wave:
Yeah Murph! You're such a strong guy! Way to go. :pukey: Those are really the only beaches that allow dogs in this area. Tampa Bay in general is not too dog friendly. At least in my experience.
Great news about Murphy MD. Keep up the good work Murphy. :happyhappy:
Congratulations on the great test results.
Way to go, Murphy!! :bounce: Change from Sunday to Saturday shouldn't be a problem for me -- will have to play it by ear re Mags coming with me (back to the hospital Thursday ... more problems). Just let me know where and when!
Great news!!!

So glad to know all is going well.
That is excellent news for Mr Murphy !!

I think Ft Desoto dog beach and park is the best in the area !! Dakota and I frequent the beach often. Dakota has a boyfriend she meets. The pups don't have to be on leash (but as we all know the beagle should) It is a 45 minute drive from our side of town but we usually take some lunch and hang out. They have picnic areas and public restrooms right there. We have held a couple of our Labfests there. Lots of fun to be had and it is a shorter hike to the water than Honeymoon Island.

In November it should be perfect weather to enjoy a day at the beach !!!
this beagle is amazing.

:bounce: :bounce2:
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