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You all remember I have been complaining about critters getting in our back yard lately leaving their scent? And then our Beagles get out there in the early morning and detect the scent and go crazy barking and baying? Well, I think our critters are mice! They had one cornered last night. (don't read any further if you are scared of mice). Sadie and Pooh Bear were both pawing and sniffing and barking on the back porch. They were looking down between the house and some landscape timbers. A small crevace about 2 or 3 inches wide. I go out thinking that they found a lizard. I look and I can see the little mouse in the crevice and he is squeeking! Sadie and Pooh are trying to stick their noses in and get him. I think the little mouse was stuck in there, but not sure. Hubbie says to get them away because we don't want to getting a mouse because mice carry disease. I bring them inside. About an hour later I let them back out and they go to that same spot and start in again, sniffing, digging, nosing, barking and carrying on. I think surely the mouse has gone along by now? Then I hear squeeking again. I call hubbie out. We put the doggies inside. He moves the landscape timbers out a bit. It is dark by now and we have a flashlight. He takes a stick and moves the leaves out so we can see. No mouse, it must have finally run off or maybe when he loosened the timber, the mouse ran off. We let the doggies out they sniff that place, but keep on going a few feet away and then start running a scent trail. We think the mouse ran that way. They were barking and baying and carrying on. I didn't think they would go crazy like that over mice?! So all this time do you all think it has been mice running all over the yard leaving their scent? We set 4 mouse traps last night with cream cheese as bait. This morning the mouse traps were not tripped. I'll try again tonight and re set the traps.
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What does the cotton do? Just curious, thanks!!!
I don't know if it was cats or mice. I never saw any cats. I was just blaming it on the cats in the neighborhood. When the mouse ran away across the yard last night, Sadie and Pooh Bear ran after it and went over and over the scent trail, sniffing. They were barking and baying and carrying on just like they do in the early mornings. I told them I was embarrassed that they would carry on and cause such a commotion over a little bitty mouse.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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