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we used 20 mule borax to get rid of fleas when we had a cat.sprinkled it on the carpets and and left overnight and just vacuumed it up the next day.sprayed her with raid flea killer stuff in a purple can(said it was ok to spray on animals)and worked great.made sure she laid on a towel until we vacuumed so she didn't get it on her and lick it off and get sick.we didn't see fleas until the neighbors on either side of flea bombed their place(was a townhouse then)we use advantix on homer and love it!says reapply every 4 weeks but we stretch it to 6 weeks and still don't see fleas on him or squitos buzzing too much around him-they land on him but fly of pretty quick
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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