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Re: More on... Do I want a second one?

When Murphy passed away and left Summer alone, we decided one is enough, even though Frani always wanted a puppy. Me, I will always choose a older adoptee. Puppies always find homes. Older dogs don't have it so easy. So, I would lean towards an older dog.

So, you are considering adopting a former breeding female. Nothing wrong with that. Asking a token $100 is no issue either. Many people will take a FREE dog and dump it when a problem arises (Kali's life before us). The fee makes prospective adopters think twice, which is a good thing. Visit the breeder. Look around. Meet Bebe, and go with your instincts (they are usually right). If all goes well, tentatively accept, and make arrangements for Bebe to meet your Sadie. You might want to consider adding a caveat that includes approval from YOUR vet. If the meeting goes well, bring her home... and let the real fun begin.

Good luck.
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