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Monty's New Hobby

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So Monty and I found a new hobby today!!
I took him rollerblading with me. I always wanted to, but was nervous that he would stop and smell everything like he does on our walks, and he'd pull me down with him. But, he did great! HE ran the whole time, tongue flapping in the wind! It was so adorable!! We went for about half an hour, and by the end he was tired out! Much better then our reguar walks!! Anyone else every try this with their lil' guys??
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we do the same but on our bikes, Sim has to hold Meg though because im afraid if she stops to sniff suddenly, i would be off the bike in a flash and in a heap on the floor. funny thing though, she seems to get tired quickly now when we do this, even if its just for 2 miles. However when we do our last walk of the day, there we are, happy to stroll along for 4 or 5 miles talking about our day etc, but Meg is pulling us along like a steam train ?? doesnt make sence to me...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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