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Mommy Expectations

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is it a normal experience that when your beagle pup is 4 months old you have to watch them and play with them alllllllll the time....
i kinda forget what a normal life is like haha.
i mean i love playing with her but after a hard day at work i would really love to sit down and have a beer in front of the tv while she lays beside me chewing her bone! haha
when do they start to settle down a bit???
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I'm in the same boat. No more after work naps, hard to get out with friends. I actually started on some much needed repairs on my second vehicle the week before I got the pup and its still in the same condition I left it in sometime in March
Just have'nt been able to get the time to finish it
So at least your not alone. I am see a slow but sure progression not so much as her calming down but learning to keep herself occupied while I go about my business.
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