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Mommy Expectations

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is it a normal experience that when your beagle pup is 4 months old you have to watch them and play with them alllllllll the time....
i kinda forget what a normal life is like haha.
i mean i love playing with her but after a hard day at work i would really love to sit down and have a beer in front of the tv while she lays beside me chewing her bone! haha
when do they start to settle down a bit???
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Oh, I didn't get to sit down for the first 6 months we had Duke. It was constant and I had to watch his every move. I could go out to the garage to chat with Dave when he was out there and I had to keep opening the door every 3-5 minutes to check on Duke and even then, there were more times than I care to remember that he had destroyed something in that small time frame.

Like Jenn said, baby gates are your friend. I really wish I had bitten the bullet and started to use them sooner than I did. They do grow out of it, we saw a huge calming about 5 months ago, and since he turned 1, even more so. We leave him full run of the house during the day, something we never thought we'd be able to do.

Oh, he still gets zoomies (big time) and has his crazy moments, but they are much fewer and further between. And, also like Jenn said, there are times that you will miss the puppy craziness.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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