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Mommy Expectations

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is it a normal experience that when your beagle pup is 4 months old you have to watch them and play with them alllllllll the time....
i kinda forget what a normal life is like haha.
i mean i love playing with her but after a hard day at work i would really love to sit down and have a beer in front of the tv while she lays beside me chewing her bone! haha
when do they start to settle down a bit???
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LOL! I can relate. Jersey was a holy terror as a puppy and I had to watch her constantly. It takes a while for them to really settle down. Jersey was close to a year old before she started calming down. I'd say she was about 18 months before I could come home and relax instead of worrying about her. My suggestion is to quarantine Snoopy to one area with you. We set up baby gates to keep Jersey in eyesight. That way we could still relax and watch TV and not have to worry about jumping up all the time to find where Jersey was. Don't worry though, they finally settle down. And you'll actually miss all the puppy craziness.
It happens. I really see Chloe calming down. She is extatic everytime she doesn't see me for 2 seconds and I'm back, but after a few minutes, she can just curl up next to me and zone out.
It's fun to have them as a companion..... but I have to admit that I miss the younger puppy stages :love:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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