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Those who take your beagles to the dog park. Do they have some particular dogs that they do not get along?
There is this shepard mix loves to play frisbee and will not share and does not play with other dogs too. Yeah, showing off how he jumps up in the air and catches the frisbee. Charlie couldn't catch it because he catches it in the air before Charlie can get hold of it. That makes Charlie angry, so he barks at him. It almost happen every time he sees that dog.
He barks non-stop, angry that kind of barks.
Yesterday that owner got agitated too, before I could stop Charlie, he was yelling...whose dog is this!

Charlie can be stubborn, he has good memory too.

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Sounds like the shepards owner doesn't like to play nice either.

We've been lucky in that every dog and owner we encounter in the park has been friendly and encourage socializing thier dogs (and themselves too!). Except for the bulldogs who never leave thier back yard (both of our back yards border the park).......they're something right out of a bugs bunny cartoon and Winston is their floppy eared nemesis!
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