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Glad she's feeling better. I had to drop my client's cat off at the vet yesterday - we think SHE has a UTI - she is NOT a good patient - we can't give her pills (I have enough wounds from my dogs, I refuse to get clawed by someone else's cat), she won't eat canned food - or any human food, so can't crush them and get them into her that way - we've tried with the liquid antibiotics - yeah, right! We wear them. So we have injectable antibiotics this time. As a caregiver, I'm NOT supposed to do ANYTHING for pets of clients - but I feel it is part of my job in caring for clients to help. I don't mind cleaning out litter pans, don't even mind staying over 3 hours to take her to the vet - but I draw the line at getting mauled by mad cats! Client is diabetic so she's accustomed to giving shots - so we'll try this. To be honest, the vet has suggested having the cat pts - since this is an ongoing problem and she is a problem to treat, but Ruth will not even consider that. She might if the damned cat doesn't stop peeing on her couch - she had to buy a new one because the last time she had a uti she RUINED the old one.
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