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Hi everyone hope you are well

I hope you dont mind me sharing pictures of Milo our cocker beagle with you. We have had him a week now and he is settling in and is a sweetie.

We did go to see a two year old beagle last week but were slightly misled by the owners that he had been trained and was manageable. On arrival although he was a cracking looking boy the owners admitted they hadnt done a stroke of training and the dog was bouncing off the ceilings and trying to climb on our heads. We introduced him to Milo and Milo put up with him climbing and boinging all over him for five mins then told him to back off and the beagle wouldnt and we had to go out for a walk and it wasnt much better as the beagle was all over him like a rash.

We ooomed and arrgh for an evening after we left and decided it wasnt fair to Milo to have an untrained boisterous male all over him and that I would be having to seperate and that there was too much re training to do and also they said the beagle still chewed everything in sight. My experience told me I would have been biting off more than I could chew. Made me feel very sad, but they did have a list of others to see him after us and I have given them Welfares no.

Would have really liked to have said yes but it wasnt fair to this dog or Milo or to my husband who would have had to look after dogs as I do evening shifts.
The quest for a beagle continues, maybe would be better off getting a bitch puppy later on next year I think?:? Milo is known as cocker beagle lol he has no beagle in him though...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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