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. Menolly's first birthday party-coming soon!

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Hey, guys! Sorry I've been off for a while. Easter week has been VERY long.

Anyway,I'm done with the planning for Menolly's birthday party. It'll be just family and one close friend, but that's fine with the dog LOL.
I've got all the ingrediants for her cake (except the 'frosting'- cream cheese), all the decorations are made, and her presents are 'wrapped'. We're going to have three games; one on dog movie trivia, one on dog breeds, and one where everyone tries to teach Menolly a new trick. I'm also going to have a mini Agility demonstration. I've made soem makeshift jumps and weave poles in the backyard and Menolly LOVES them!
When I can I'm going to make/buy a full course.

TTYL and I'll keep you updated!
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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