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Hi all!
Sorry it's been a while but I had Midterms, a sprained wrist, and Finals to deal with. It's been a bit crazy.

As of today Menolly is 14 1/2 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs- and she's STILL GROWING! She still looks a tad on the skinny side but she's not underweight or anything.
most of it is those long legs. She has the figure of a gazelle amnd the agility of a ballerina. I wouldn't be surprised if she reached 15 inches by her first birthday.

Her destruction reached its peak three days ago. One fo the old chairs she'd been restricted to has been utterly destroyed- stuffing and foam ripped out of one arm down the the wood. She's abandoned the seat cushions on the couch- for the pillows. This morning it looked like a blizzard in the living room!

I know what the problem is; she isn't getting enough exercise/attention and needs more toys. Now that school is out I've been walking her over a mile every morning and I'm considering walking her another mile in the afternoon. I want her to be a nice, tired beagle. The toys I can't really do anything about since money is so tight. Dad has actually been covering for me in that department; he bought her a Nylabone and a rubber tug toy- both of which she adores. I will be getting her another small toy for Christmas.

Oh yeah, about two weeks ago she did something that made me totally furious- SHE PEED ON MY BED!!!
I had let her out for the evening and when I let her in she hopped up to make herself comfortable, as she always does, and then squatted right next to my pillow.
I think that was the first time I literally screamed at her. It went through all those layers of blankets- the sheets freshly washed! -and into the mattress. I had to strip the bed and sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag.
I felt bad at screaming at her afterwards, but couldn't figured out what I did wrong. I'd let her outside and she did her business, but still let it go. I realize she's still a puppy- probably just something to keep me from getting too lazy.

As far as her cleptomaniac tendancies, they have not let up at all. She stole an entire box of Saltines a while ago, and dad has put literal LOCKS on all the kitchen cupboards. We couldn't move everything and regular latches wouldn't stop her. She also chewed up a clay medallion I'd made. Mom has come to a decision reagrding the books; seeing as how nothing else has worked, the bookcases will be moved into her closet. She ate the cover off another one yesterday and the backyard is littered with tiny peices of paper too small to pick up by hand.

She may be a nightmare sometimes, but her incredible sweetness makes it all worth it. I know we'll all get through this trying puppyhood, and when she finally settles down we'll have th best dog we've ever had. Seriously, if it weren't for her stealing and destruction, she would be a perfect dog! She rarely howls or barks and aside from a few accidents is house-trained and so gentle with my nephew...he, in turn, loves her and calls her 'my best pup'.

Anyway, I'm rambling too much- here are the pictures I promised! Sorry that they're rather washed-out. Menolly's light coloring and flashes on camera don't mix.


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She is such a pretty girl! Duke and Violet are thieves, also. They will steal anything they can get their little beagle mouths on. LOL Though it has gotten much better than when Duke was a pup.
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