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Menolly 11 month update

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Sorry I haven't posted much- been EXTREMELY busy (went back to work again, hurray!) and keep getting sidetracked.

Menolly is...well, she's Menolly. She has not stopped stealing but the unwanted chewing has dropped to almost nill. She's regressed a bit in her commands so I'm going through a refresher course with her. Oddly enough, her best command is still 'stay'.

The humping hasn't stopped
but I hope it will in a month or so. She's been pretty good around any kids she meets and also any dogs. She's also taken to bed-hogging. Last night she planted herself in the exact middle of the bed and WOULD NOT move!
I was able to get to sleep, but woke up rather stiff. Oh, well. It's gotten to to the point where I literally can't sleep unless she's in my bed. Who's trained who?

Sorry no pics, but I can't afford any kind of camera right now and tapes for the video camera are running low. She hasn't changed in appearance, so you know what she looks like.

I will, however, take pictures at her first birthday. I can't beleive it's in less than a month already!
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I'm glad you and Menolly are doing great. Can't wait to see pictures. Btw i'm not sure if the humping will stop, my friend has a male beagle who's fixed and that beagle is just plain crazy...he will literally try to hump your face if you dont keep an eye out while ur on the sofa.....crazy.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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