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I'm currently living in North Dakota and my boyfriend's dad has a farm out here ( I do not live on a farm lol i live in grand forks). Anyways his farm is out in the middle of no where no big roads the only people that really live out there is other "farm houses". We try to bring max out there at least once a month and omg it is SOOO hilarious.

They have a golden retriever and 2 horses out there, and the first time max went out there to discover the horses was an experience. He followed Wilson out to the pasture and suddenly one of the horses came galloping out from the barn, wow Max's eyeballs popped out of his head and he went RUNNING Eric said it looked a little torpedo running to the house. Now of course he loves torment the horses he ones to one side of the barn till one notices him then he takes off and circles the barn with the horses in chase...well when he gets to the fence he slips out under it then sneak back around the barn and starts it again this could go one for hours /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crazy.gif

He also love all the open space, snow and freedom he has out there. We don't leash him out there, although we are always right there with him (he has his microchip and tags). HE follows Wilson around and Wilson always brings him home, we don't let him out of our sight there's been a few times where one of eric's brothers have creeped through the woods to retrieve him from the creek (yep that a fun ride back to town after he's been in the creek) The snow out there is deeper than he is tall so he has to jump through it, it's funny to watch now Eric's dad always says he has fun with it now but when he's older he'll take one look and say nope not worth it lol.

The only bad thing about the farm is he found something even better then "cat crunchies"........horse nuggets /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif

Getting to the farm is so nice since 99 % of the time he is leashed since we live in town and he is not allowed off unless we r at the dog park. Does anyone else have anywhere they are able to let the beagles explore a little bit?
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