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Mast Cell Cancer

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Does anyone have any knowledge of Mast Cell Cancer? I see that Beagles are prone to this type of Cancer and it is the worst of the canine cancers from what I read.

The reason I ask is our Beagle Lab (Samuel Beagador) has been diagnosed with this cancer and the tumor is in a spot that they are unable to remove the whole tumor. Therefore we are forced with knowing our time with Sam is limited.

Our hearts are breaking and we want the best for him, but don't know enough about treatment options etc... If anyone can shed light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Sam with Tate as a puppy:

Sam with Maya in their favorite spot:
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Samuel Beagador looks like an absolute sweetheart. Bless him.
Unfortunately mast cell tumors are prone to spreading and for local reoccurence ( after surgical removal). Even if they had been able to remove the whole lot 30% of them will recur.
Sounds like great advice for natural/nutritional support for his system. and I agree- a low carb diet is the go for at least slowing down the tumor growth and buying him a bit more time. Where exactly is the tumor? I've found that with some mast cell tumours that we "debulked" at our clinic because they weren't in a position to remove the whole lot that because of the histamine release it was very difficult for the surgery site to heal and a lot of them grew faster and more aggressively after surgical intervention. I guess the main thing is to keep him as comfortable as you can and spoil him rotten ( which I'm sure you are already doing).
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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