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Mast Cell Cancer

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Does anyone have any knowledge of Mast Cell Cancer? I see that Beagles are prone to this type of Cancer and it is the worst of the canine cancers from what I read.

The reason I ask is our Beagle Lab (Samuel Beagador) has been diagnosed with this cancer and the tumor is in a spot that they are unable to remove the whole tumor. Therefore we are forced with knowing our time with Sam is limited.

Our hearts are breaking and we want the best for him, but don't know enough about treatment options etc... If anyone can shed light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Sam with Tate as a puppy:

Sam with Maya in their favorite spot:
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Yes our chocolate lab had this. We were able to catch two lumps very early and had them surgically removed, but then they must have started to go internal. I did notice a lump starting to form on her side, so I kept an eye on it and she seemed like her old self and was active. Then one day my son got hom from school and she couldn't get up the stairs, so I had him take her right to the back yard. I got her into the vets and he took a suringe full of blood from her stomache, so he guessed it burst. Well we had to put her down. It wouldn't have been fair to her...

Well the good thing was from having the first lump removed to when she was put down we got 5 more quality years for her. (also she weighed in about 100lbs ans 12 years old) My vet was very surprised at that...

I don't have any suggestions medically, but give lots of love and belly rubs and hopefully you'll get 5 more years...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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