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Hey guys
first off, Marbles is adjusting well, Snoopy is starting to play with him, but is still very jealous and even though I offer the same treats, Snoopy has to get his an Marbles as well, it is frustrating, but we raise our voice and Snoops will stop.

About housetraining...better, Marbles is 7 months, and we can hold him in the crate at least 7 hours..but out of the crate, he goes to the door and pees, sometimes poops...He is slowly getting it, at least he goes to the door, but he doesnt hold it, just goes, even 2 hours after walking him...still work to do.

Marbles is chewing everything...I need help on this one....
I have a water bottle to squirt him with since raising the voice and saying "NO" really loud means nothing to him..and neither does the water bottle....he is chewing things like crazy...we had to replace a $600 nightstand b/c we let him sleep with me a few hours after a night shift...and he chewed the side off of the nightstand

..I give so many treats, toys, and I have to crate him somtimes in the daytime just to get an hour of peace to get work done...any advice? or he will just grow out of it eventually? Im sure he will.

Also, Marbles always acts thirsty...we give him a lot of water, but he just drinks and drinks..then pees and pees...in the crate he holds it for 7 hours, outside, he pees at the door in 2 hours..we try to limit the water, but I wonder how much does he need, are we giving too much or too little?

Another question...he is so hungry all the time..he had definatly bulked up in the time we had him..we want him to get all the nutition he needs, but when does he reach the adult height and we know to be careful with feeding? He came to us at 16 lbs, at 6 months, he is 7 months and 23 lbs, much thicker, but if he is hungry we dont want to hold back food so he can be healthy, he is still small compaired to Snoopy, but Snoops is a 15 incher, Marbles' dad was also 15 inches and we want him to be tall too, but of course we never know what he will be...we just dont want to over feed him but at the same time we want him to grow.

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