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My boyfriend went camping overnight with Bones. He's taking a little vacation from the world and getting in a little bonding time with our best girl. They left when he came home from his half day of work at noon, so Spock had to hang out by his lonesome until I got home. I don't think they've spent much more than an hour apart since we brought Bones home. I'm sure that contributed to how happy to see me he was when I walked in the door tonight.

Spock and I have made a night of hanging out and relaxing. He's been working on a bone for part of the night, else begging for my Chinese takeout or curled up on my feet as we watched <span style="font-style: italic">Rebecca</span> and <span style="font-style: italic">Laura</span>, then a biography of Gene Tierney. Tomorrow morning, before my boyfriend and Bones get back, Spock and I are going to the pet store to get some more treats and to give him a chance to show off and get attention from all the people we'll run into. It won't be as big an adventure as a walk in the woods, but at least he'll be less likely to get muddy feet during our urban excursion than Bones will on a nature trail!


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