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When Dillon and I are staying at my parents' house, my dad's cocker named Nelson will come in and jump on my bed and want to steal my attention from Dillon. From the looks of Dillon's facial expression, he doesn't like Nelson coming in and getting petted by me. What Dillon does is he'll sit there and watch pitifully as I'm petting Nelson and I think Nelson is telling Dillon, Ha-ha, don't like me in here with your dad? That's too bad! I do try to pet both of them at the same time to try to give them equal pettings. If I take my hand off Nelson and put both hands on Dillon, Nelson will try to steal all the petting from Dillon which I think Nelson is trying to show Dillon that he is the dominating male canine in the house hence it's my parents' house not mine. Dillon does a good job of putting up with Nelson's bragging. As soon as Nelson leaves my room, Dillon goes nuts barking at Nelson as if he's arguing, Nelson, stay out of my room and stay the hell away from my dad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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