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Making a mistake?

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Hi Everyone,
Long time reader - first time poster.

The wife and I are interested in adopting a Beagle and after spending a lot of time reading up on it, I think we know what we are getting ourselves into. The one thing that concerns me is that since we both work, the dog(s) would be home for about 10 hours. Can dogs go that long without relieving themselves? Any advice would be appreciated.
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I am so excited that we have another Tampa Bayer and a possible rescuer, too!! My rescue, Maggie, who is now almost 12, has been at home by herself 9 1/2 - 10 hours a day while I am at work and she has had this routine since I adopted her at about 1 year of age. She has the run of the house. I leave pee pads out for her in the same spot and she does sometimes use them during the day but often not. As Nash Marbee said, I do have to come home from work every day and let her out first thing. Does having her cut into my social life? Sure. Is she worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! In hindsight, I do wish I had gotten two rescues at the same time -- I used to have two dogs who grew up together and they literally took care of each other when I was not at home. I can't wait to hear what you decide -- I say "go for it". Every time I go to the TBBR website, I want to take every single one of them home.
Quote:Originally posted by judymaggie:
In hindsight, I do wish I had gotten two rescues at the same time -- I used to have two dogs who grew up together and they literally took care of each other when I was not at home.
That was also exactly what I thought when I read your first post - that your situation might be ideal for the "two-fer" adult rescues which I so often see on the rescue sites - brothers, sisters or mother and son/daughter beagles, or just two unrelated beagles who have lived together and bonded and then find themselves in a rescue situation... they often have to be adopted separately but it is always such a happy ending when they can find a home together! I really can see an adult rescue being a good option for you - and adopting two together, especially if they are adopted together, may also help ease separation anxiety issues.

We have three adult rescues (all adopted from different places and at different times) and they also can "hold it" for 10 hours or more - there is the odd accident but for the most part they are very reliable. We also (knock on wood - a lot) haven't experienced any separation anxiety issues - but I do think that may in part be due to the fact that the three of them keep each other company really well. No matter where they happen to be when we leave, they are invariable all together on the bed when we get back - so they must get comfort from having each other around when we are not.

Good luck and (hopefully) welcome to the world of beagles! Arrrroooo.
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Futureowner, the TBBR does have a couple of pairs available right now. That may be ideal if you do get two as they'll already be bonded to each other and used to living together. Do you already have an approved application on file with the rescue? Good luck! I hope you find the right dog(s) for you.
Quote:Originally posted by jen-n-jersey:
Do you already have an approved application on file with the rescue?
YEP!! All approved and ready to go!
Well, we did it. Twice. We got two beagles, a 13 inch tricolor - Oscar (formerly known as Mason) and a 15 inch tri-color - Kramer (formerly known as Pepe). They look exactly the same, only different sizes. They are currently sleeping as they had one long day. I'll post an introduction in the introduction section once I learn how to add pictures. Oh, and I'll be now known as "BeagleFan". Thanks again for the great advice!!
Hurray !!!! It was so great to meet you guys today !!!

I look forward to seeing the pictures of your new family !!!

This has been a big day for Oscar and Kramer...and you all of course!

Rest up and tell us all about it!
Congratulations to all! :woohoo: I am so thrilled that you have taken Oscar and Kramer into your family. I am so looking forward to pictures. Neat that you got to meet Julie, too!
Congratulations. Hope you have as much fun as I am having with Maggie.
Yeah! I'm glad that you found a pair that suited you. That makes 4 Beagles here from TBBR now...Jersey, Emma, Oscar and Kramer! I can't wait until the 24th when I will finally get to start volunteering with them. I took a vacation day to get a Saturday off so that I could get to an event. Good luck with the boys and congratulations!
Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you, and Oscar and Kramer! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the lads, and lots of stories... I'm sure there will be LOTS of stories...
I found their pictures on the rescue web site. They are great looking dogs and really do look alike.
Yea! A happy day for both you and your new beagles. Rescues make such wonderful companions, and it's so nice that they'll have each other for company. Welcome to Beagle World! :wave:
Congrats, congrats! (2 fot the 2!) I'm sure we will see you around! Oooo! I have the 24th off so I might go to the Tampa meet up. We will definatly be at the March 31st TBBR event. I am going to go to the site to look for the boys right now.
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