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Making a mistake?

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Hi Everyone,
Long time reader - first time poster.

The wife and I are interested in adopting a Beagle and after spending a lot of time reading up on it, I think we know what we are getting ourselves into. The one thing that concerns me is that since we both work, the dog(s) would be home for about 10 hours. Can dogs go that long without relieving themselves? Any advice would be appreciated.
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I would say if you're going to be gone for ten hours a day a beagle is probably not the best bet for you.

As far as any dog holding their bladder for 10 hours...I'm not sure. I know Abby is almost 2 and she goes outside to "go" 4 times during the day. Once about 7, 11, 3 and 7pm.

That's not including the time she spends outside sniffing and romping around.

Beagles are very social dogs. Their nature is to be in a "pack" they love attention..giving it and receiving it. They thrive in close, loyal relationships with their owners. 10 hours seems like a looong time span for them to be alone/lonely. Plus, some beags (other breeds too) do seem to "take temper" when left alone for hours and hours.
My rescue beagle Bagel holds it from the time I let him in at night till I'm off to work in the morning (sometimes as much as 16 hours) but he is a healthy adult and that is his routine. I feed him and let out to his backyard when I go to work and he patrols the yard, frets at pigeons, sniffs and does his thing all day. I'm at work at least 10 hours but he is out whilst I'm away. A couple times a year, he'll let me know he needs to go out, usually Saturday morning when I've opted to sleep in. My beagle has me whenever I'm home and it was these living arrangements or being PTS at the pound where I rescued him so I've never felt guilty. I would provide for options, you know sometimes you just gotta go and if there is no one to let you out, you still gotta go!. That said, ten hours of being alone is not the ideal venue for any canine but especially a beagle. My beagle has me weekends and evenings and he had no other options. If you chose to adopt a beagle, I'm sure there are rescues who would glady trade their home in some death row jail cell for half chance at even half a life.
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Welcome another Tampa area (future??) Beagler!!! As much as I want to encourage you to get a Beagle, 10 hours is a long time for one to be alone. Any dog really. Beagle's are very prone to separation anxiety. Jersey goes to doggie day care because of hers. She cries for hours if left home alone. Some dogs adjust just fine to being left alone though, so it's hard to say for sure how your's would react. Would it be possible to take time off for the first few days you get him/her to give the dog time to adjust to a new place? Do you have a fenced in yard? Would you be able to set up a doggie door to give them access to it? Jersey goes out 4 or 5 times a day, sometimes more. If you do decide to adopt a Beagle, I highly recommend the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. Check out their website at www.tampabaybeaglerescue.org. Good Luck with your decision and let us know what the final verdict is!
Thanks for all the advice. I'm struggling with this decision as I want to rescue a dog, but I know I have to leave it alone for a long time. That's why I'm considering getting 2, but that doesn't address my "bladder" concern. There's an adoption event that I'd like to go to on Saturday, so I hope to have made a decision by then.
First of all, I'm glad to know you are considering a beagle. Without a doubt, you're in for loads of laughs and lots of love. That being said, you might also find certain days to be a challenge. :wave:
Bob and I both share similar circumstances, however, instead of one, I have three. If you are going to be gone that long during the day, I highly recommend getting two to keep each other company. All three of mine roam the house freely except the bedrooms, although they spend most of their time in "their" room sleeping during the day. As for the potty issue, I put training pads down in the laundry room which has worked out well. There is also now DOG LITTER you can get at Petsmart that is more absorbent than kitty litter.
Let me give you a warm welcome even you do not have a beagle yet. It is very nice of you to consider rescuing. I'm sure you have lot of advise by now. Charlie's trainer told me once, bigger size dog can hold longer than small size. Yes, indeed, Marlin my retriever can hold up to 10 hours during the time we had to work. Now that I have more time at home, I notice Charlie needs to go more often than Marlin. So I would say 10 hours is a bit too long. Have you consider dog sitter, have a kid to come by to let him/her out? Your neighbor perhaps?

Charlie mom
When my wife and I were both still working Muffin (border collie) and later Suzi (beagle) would each regularly go 10 to 12 hours between potty breaks. Once house trained accidents were extremely rare, and usually occured when we were home, but not paying any attention to the dog.
Welcome to the BW pack!

Kudos on choosing to rescue!

The answer is yes, they can hold their bladder for 10 hours. Our Murphy, prior to his accident was able to and so is Summer. Are there accidents? Yes, occasionally.

Should you get two? The question is... Are you ready for two? Two beagles (or just two dogs) keep each other company. It does help with Seperation Anxiety in some dogs.

Let us know how it goes.
This probably doesn't help you make your decision but I've lamented in the past that a if a dog could choose between a loving home (living in a small apartment, waiting 10 hours for their human to come home) and the alternative which could be no home at all or worse...the dog would choose the loving home.
You are facing a difficult decision, but firstly a big welcome to BW! Would it be possibe to get someone to let them out midway durng the day?. Do you have a fenced off back yard? 2 Rescues could have a lovely home with you if you can organise things so they get out for a pee. If not special pads etc. However, it would be great if you could take some vacation to settle them in. 2 beagles would be great if they already know one another, our two came together-otherwise start with one and get another later. They do get used to a routine. 10 hours would be the limit, thus if you could organise someone to call past, it would be perfect. Good luck.
So, you've gotten tons of advice already. 10 hours is a long time, but will you be able to make up for that with plenty of family time in the evenings and in the morning before work? That is what we do. My husband is gone for 10 hours a day, but i am only gone about 8 hours. Our 5 month old is crate trained and she stays in there while we are out. They usually don't "go" in their "house." so we don't have many accidents anymore. usually i try to come home on my lunch break though and let her out, but you know there are some days when i cannot. We've dealt fine with it. The only thing that is problematic for us at times is when we get offers to go out after work. Obviously we can't because our little girl is at home waiting for us. But that is a very small price to pay. She is definitely one of the family and we'd much rather be with her any day!
I work 9 or 10 hour shifts. My previous dog was a bit bigger & never had an accident unless he was sick. Emma is a rescue & was never properly potty trained so I am still having some accidents with her. For the most part she is doing very well. I am switching to 12 hour shifts soon, so I think I will have “Grandma” come over & take her on a walk. Maybe daycare or a dog walker.

Edited to add...
P.S. Emma is fron the TampaBay Beagle Rescue too.
I know they can hold it for 10 hours, but there will be the rare accident. Personally, I can't stand to leave Lucky alone for the 8 hours I am at work. I come home on my lunch breaks to let him out and play with him. I sacrifice free lunch at work to do this. So Lucky is only home about 4 hours alone at any given time. There are days when work is too busy and I cannot go home for lunch. He does just fine on those days too. Lucky does have his own room with a huge bed and a nice low window for him to look out of. I also play music (doggie music) to calm him. He sleeps most of the day. If you don't have a fenced in yard or room for your beagle to stay in while you are gone, I definitely suggest crate training. Oh and WELCOME by the way! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif I hope you do indeed decide to get a rescue!
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Welcome and congrats on almost owning the best dog out there!! Most dogs will learn the schedule of their owner, so you're dog would get used to waiting a long time to use the bathroom. We leave our Fin in the master bathroom with blankets, toys and food while we are at work for 10 hours. He doesn't mind and he almost never has an accident. You should try thinking about a getting a cat instead of another dog. They are low-maintenanced and can give the same companionship that beagles crave. We got a rescue cat about 2 months ago and Fin loves her, she has definitely eased any anxiety that Fin had been experiencing. Good luck and keep us informed on your plans. I'm sure once you see those big brown eyes and floppy ears, you'll be sold...
Everyone here always has such good advice! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
I think the main thing is that IF you get 1 or 2 beagles, you will need a way to protect your home and belongings--whether it is for 10 hours or 2 hours. :hi:
Definitely have a plan on what you will do with your Beagle when you are gone from your home.
We have 2 kennels for our 2 dogs. And personally, I think our Georgia appreciates a break from Polly, who's always jumping on her! The kennels sit side by side, and they get treats! in the past 3 1/2 years, accidents in the kennels are rare. As someone said earlier, accidents happen far more often when we are home, and not paying attention.
Good luck!
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I used to rush home at lunch to let Harley out but because I work so far from home I could only spend 10 minutes with him.

I found putting him back in his crate after he thinks he's been set free was to stressful for him and I could hear his barking from inside my car when I would leave.

Instead I try to tire him before leaving for work and rush home after work to let him out. I usually find him groggy and happy as if he's just awaken from dreaming of some hot female beagles.

I like to think that because when I let him out of his crate he always has an --- uhhhhh how can I say this delicatley ---- Ohhh i'll just say it, an erection.

Yes, do you have a Mom or Dad or neighbor or dog sitter that could stop by in the middle of the day to let the doggie out to do his/her business?

Ours do it some days. Some days my hubbie cannot come home at lunch time and they are in the house for about 9 - 10 hours. They do fine, but they are 7 year old adult doggies. I work too far from home to come home for lunch. We used to have hubbie's Mom come over some to let them out. She enjoyed seeing them and they loved her.

Or Dog Day Care is another option. Maybe just a few days a week even.

Let us know what you decide.
Wow, what great advice. Thanks everyone for taking the time out to reply. It's nice to see that it's at least possible for a dog to hold out that long. Tomorrow's the adoption event - I'll be sure to post and let everyone know what happened.
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