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Maggie's 1st vet appt & update on her

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So today was Maggie's 1st appt with our vet, we wanted to get in ASAP becuase redness in her eyes and her ears were super red, hot and itchy. She got weighed she's a whooping 22 pounds woohoo (Thats actually up from 18 ilbs when her last vet saw her b4 she was surrendered). She got her a corneal stain to check her eyes, she had a cherry eye removed when she was a baby and her eyes were really red so we wanted to check for ulcers and her tear production....good news on both her tear production looks ok for now and NO ULCERS!!!! She does have a scratch on her eye that looks like its been there for a while so we have drops for that. She also has an ear infection so we have ear cleaner and drops for that (ughh all the drops are going to be fun she had to be muzzled at the vet since shes so nervous) and we are restarted the worming meds for her as a precaution. She also got bordatella so she wasnt a happy pooch. The vet visit was more money then planned but all is good we wanted to make sure if there was any health issues we deal with them before they got any worse.

Other then the vet news she's been doing really good, she loves to snuggle. This morning I actually caught her repeatedly running into the door trying to get it open so she could go in and lay in bed with eric. Shes very playful but uses her mouth alot while playing so we are working on that. Shes getting along really well with max, shes been humping through cant say max is impressed with that but its her trying to show dominance so we just have to keep redirecting her and telling her no.

She still shows some signs that her last home wasnt so pleasent she has some table food agression, by that i mean shes fine with dog food and treats (max will sometimes sneak into her food bowl while shes eating and she doesnt do anything) but she did nip at him when i was eating and they were both begging but we are working on that to. when you put your hand over her she sometimes crouches, and you have to be very gentel while picking her up cuz she yelps if you pick her up certain ways. Other then those we are just taking it as it comes with her all seems really well so far, she loves people and other dogs (showed that with howling at all the dogs at the vet
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glad Maggie is doing well! do you have any updated pictures?
So happy that you are working so hard to make Maggie happy and comfortable in her new home. I like persistent people who don't give up easily!! Yay for you!! I do hope that with lots of love and training Maggie will settle down and hopefully ditch the lousy baggage she's been carrying around...poor girl!

Daisy and I will keep you in our thoughts. Kisses to Maggie from Daisy and Belly Rubs from me.

Monica and Daisy:)
Vet bills do catch us all off guard sometimes, but it is certainly worth it to know that our pets are getting the best care. We have an excellent, low cost vet here where we live, but it is almost impossible to get in to see her. Appointments have to be booked 6 weeks in advance or you have to do a walk in which can take hours. I just love the vet though and manage to deal with the little struggles.

Our dog does not mind the ear drops now, but it use to take 2 of us to hold her down to do it. Thankfully (for some reason) she only acquires ear infections when she is pregnant. I can handle once per year..that's not so bad.

Hang in there Maggie...you are in good hands.
Maggie is a lucky girl for getting a good home at last. It will take time before Maggie gets over her bad experiences, we know only too well from Susi and Snoopy. We make a point of feeding them in seperate rooms, just to avoid any trouble. Both are infact good if the other goes near the food bowls but no point in risking it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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