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Maggie Starting the Holiday Season!

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Hi, all! Had a tree-trimming party at my house last night. Maggie was fat & happy with her holiday collar on. She served as the vacuum cleaner for all the yummy crumbs! She pooped out early -- a full day between Beagle Palooza & party.

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How sweet Christmas Maggie looks !! :heart:
Judy, these are wonderful px!!! I just LOVE the one with her on the bed relaxing!! Her Holiday collar is WONDERFUL!!!!! She looks like such a sweet sweet soul. I can't wait to meet her and you someday. Beth
Great pictures Judy. Maggie is such a sweet little lady. She had a very exciting day yesterday, didn't she? I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed her job as vacuum cleaner at your party! I know Jersey would have. :biglaugh:
Maggie looks so content and happy! Thanks for sharing!
So much excitement for sweet Maggie. I love the picture of her with her collar. What a precious face! :heart:
She's a cutie. Wonder if my Maggie will ever wear a bandana.. right now she would just eat it!
Maggie had no problem with the collar but put her foot down (literally!) when I tried on the matching ankle bracelets! And they were so cute ...
You can practically see in the pictures just how full her belly is and how content she is! Great pics!
(also laughing about the matching bracelets, I can't imagine MY maggie would have much of anything good to say about those either!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif )
Judi~Harley~and little Maggie!
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Oh I've looked at those and I could just see the two of mine trying to chew them off each other.. I was afraid of the bells and them swallowing them.

Your Maggie looks very festive in hers. Such a pretty girl.
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