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So, we had a bit of a scare this weekend when I saw a very prominent lump on Gino's side! Of course I freaked out. We went to the vet last night (I love my vet) and she said it was most likely a reaction to the Lyme vaccine he got last week and it should go away as quickly as it came.
The lump is on the same side as where they gave him the shot!
She said we really have nothing to be concerned about just yet. We should keep an eye on it and if its still there in a month, she will investigate further. I am glad that this is a side effect of the vaccine, just wish we knew that beforehand, but will not be totally relieved until it is completely gone!
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Li'l Girl usually gets a lump after being vaccinated.
Great news! Lumps at the site of a vaccination are common.
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