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Luigi has joined the rank of the pro de-stuffers..

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I bought him a tough toys brand toy from wal-mart, confident it'd keep him busy for a while. He had it torn open within 20 minutes, and destuffed within an hour...that wasn't my definition of a while... oy. guess no more cheap walmart toys...
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That's exactly the thing, cheap toys, so that you won't be too upset about them de-stuffed!

WTG Luigi
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Welcome to the club Luigi! It's fun, isn't it?

~ Daisy
Alright Luigi! Jersey is already a professional de-stuffer and welcomes you to the club. Find the cheapest toys you can...there is no such thing as a chew proof toy when it comes to our little pros. I've spent $10 on toys that lasted no longer than the $2 toy.
WTG Luigi! Maggie may not be potty trained, but she can sure de-stuff with the best of them!
Ours dogs are great at de-stuffing, and especially good at de-squeaking (squeaky toys last maybe 30 seconds in this house before the squeak is disabled!!!).

I gave up buying cheap dog toys as I was sick of buying toys and having to throw them away the next day cos they weren't lasting. Tuffies are a really good soft toy brand, that are made to be really tough and durable... we stick to those and cuz and kong toys



We have ones from the barnyard and sea creatures range.
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I guess that's part of the fun of being a puppy, seeing how quick you can destroy something that we humans think is so cute. what a boy!

Cathy j
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