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Yesterday was quite eventful at my house! My toddler figured out how to unlock and open our sliding glass door and screen. Well, before I could get across the room, Lucky took the invitation to take off out the door. He was GONE! We have a wooded creek then a hole on the golf course behind us. I could see his tail through the brush and hear the rustling, but he would not come when called. For two and a half hours he ran back and forth up and down and thru the creek. When I would call him, he would come to where I could see him, but not to where I could catch him. I was so angry, but you could tell Lucky was having the time of his life! He has never gotten that kind of freedom before. I guess he finally got hungry and came to me with my food enticement and close enough to get the leash on him. While it was not really his fault, I just wanted to wring his neck!! He smelled terrible and had to have a bath immediately. And for whatever reason, the excursion made him think it was ok to pee and poop in the house. He was completely wired the rest of the afternoon, too!

To think, I got up yesterday morning and said, I think I will take the dogs to doggie day care today. If only I hadn't changed my mind, how much better a day it would've been! Always go with that first thought!!!!

Oh, the joy of beagles!!!!
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