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Lucky is home!!!

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We picked up Lucky on Saturday and introduced he and Toby at the dog park an hour or so later. They pretty much went their separate ways at the park! Toby takes off and Lucky is a little tenative. I am guessing he had never been in a dog park before! They sniffed each other a little - played together - played with others, etc. Toby seemed a little curious about Lucky coming with us but they never had any problems. I have a bit of a humping issue with them! They both want to be the alpha dog, I guess!

All in all, I couldn't ask for more, though. They get along very nicely. Lucky was a great traveller, almost never made a peep in his crate. Toby wasn't quite so happy in his crate, but did pretty well.

Of course, Lucky was very nervous, sniffing everything and such, but he seems to be settling in with us. He is even making himself comfortable, as we speak, on the dog bed that is Toby's!! (Toby is on a car ride with dad and unable to protest!!).

Toby is a little jealous of Lucky when it comes to me. I can tell he is worried that Lucky will get "his" attention. My husband and I are trying to give Toby some extra love and attention to reassure him! We also feed him first, leash him first, etc.

I am sure I have more to tell, but can't think of it right now! I was gone for 6 days and have company in town right now, so my mind is all over the place!!

Here are some pics taken since we picked up Lucky!


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Originally Posted By: Toby & LuckyO.k., I feel bad...Lucky has taken over the good dog bed! I thought they might share it, as it is the big one, but instead Lucky has taken it over and Toby has moved to the crappy, smaller bed. Poor Toby, I don't feel like he should be giving up "his" bed.
Firstly - welcome to Lucky! He sure is handsome (as is Toby)! And good to hear things are going okay so far - it definitely sounds like you are doing everything right, with giving Toby alone time with each of you, feeding him first, etc.

And for the dog bed issue the answer to me is clear - you need to get two that are equally good, then one won't get the "nice" one and the other the "crappy" one! We actually had that same issue when we got Moose - although in our case it was our existing beagle Booker who always took over the better bed and we felt sorry for poor Moosie. All was resolved when we got two identical beds - because try as she might Booker couldn't figure out a way to hog both at the same time!!
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