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Ok, this won't take long - I am an avid fan of the Animal Cops shows on Animal Planet. They show so many horrendous cases of abuse and neglect. I think the hardest thing for me to watch is when "well-meaning" people rescue a neglected animal - be it dog, cat or in this case, a horse and think that if they just love on it and give it some extra food & water then the animal will thrive. However when the horse didn't show significant improvement in a couple of weeks - the rescuer did NOTHING! Eventually the horse was rescued by the SPCA but by then it was too late to undo the damage - the horse deteriorated even tho the SPCA had a vet check out the horse & found the horse had no back teeth meaning the horse was not able to truly benefit from the improved nutrition after being rescued the first time. The SPCA was able to develop a special feeding regimen for the horse but like I said - the horse could not recover from all the neglect it had experienced. Eventually the horse had to be put down. While love, food & water are necessities for a healthy pet, good medical care needs to be a part of that equation too.

Sorry for my soap box rant - I will stop now. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cry.gif
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