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A dog adopted from Cascade Beagle Rescue-East has been lost in central NJ:


2-year-old male neutered Beagle, "Archie" - approximately 12-15 lbs.

Lost 12/16 from Old Wick/Tewksbury, NJ by getting through an invisible fence. Does NOT have ID tags on (collar with his tags was taken off when the invisible fence collar was put on - ARGH!!), but has on the invisible fence collar. He is microchipped, but without tags, the average person won't know or think to check.

If you would please post to your respective groups for people in the area to be on the lookout, CBR would appreciate it. They, and the distraught adopter are doing everything they can think of - calls to microchip company, local ACOs, shelters, vet's offices, posting flyers, posting to Craigs List and any others, physical searches of the area, etc. The more people contacted, the better for Archie.

His pics are here: Lost Dog/Archie
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