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This was recently posted on my beagle group - we don't have any members in the Chicago area, but thought I'd post it here to expand the search area.

Quote:I was asked to pass this on to all my beagle groups. If the photo doesn't show that's no problem, as the write-up has all the important info. Please pray she is found, soon, and alive.

Lost Beagle

Beagle lost in the Pullman area of Chicago on May 26
Last seen in the industrial area near 111th and the 90/94 expressway

Name: Guiness
Gender: Female
Age: 3 to 4 years

She is wearing a collar that says “Scooter” and has her address and phone number, she also has a microchip.

If found or spotted (she is very shy), please call 773/617-2019 or 773/206-9704. If no answer, please contact 773/415-8692 or 614/638-8714

Ron, the Dogfather, Bella, the Beagle & Miss Daisy
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