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Looking for dog parks

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I know where one is located in Venice, FL but it is a bit far to travel. I was hoping someone might know a park closer to North Port, FL.

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Welcome to another Floridian! I live north of you in Riverview. I am familiar with your area as I have friends who live in North Port and in Venice. They don't live that far apart but I guess it depends where in each town you live. Even if you can find a dog park to go to near your house, you should mark your calendar for 8/29/09 as we are going to have a BW meet-up in Ft. De Soto Park, Tierra Verde, FL. Here is a website that will give you maps, directions, etc.:

Ft. DeSoto Dog Park

We are still working on a specific meet-up time. The park is great with both a fenced, grassy area and a beach where you can have your dog on a leash. Our BW Owner, Joe Beagles, is going to be in our area for a family visit so we are timing the meet-up with his trip. We have done this before and it is great fun. There is a separate post in the Discussion forum about the meet-up so check that out for updates.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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