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I posted this on Facebook but thought you guys might like it too.

(Xerxes and Nebbers were doing obedience this afternoon outside when the infamous doodle left out building, and I didn't have treats, but Xerxes was too busy not-downing to notice it...win?)

Scenes from dog walks on a long weekend:

Sunday, walk 2...

Girl: OH! Dogs! Your dogs are SO cute! I have a beagle! Why is your beagle so thin? Mine looks so fat in comparison

Monday, walk 1 (second time outside, I was doing laundry earlier and didn't have time to walk them until 10:45)...

We are in the dog off-leash paths of High Park. There are fences and gates, but places off-leash dogs can get out so Xerxes stays on leash. We get to a gate and a lady is going through the opposite way with her two dogs.

Lady: OH! A beagle! I know why YOU'RE on leash!
Me: Hahaha

We're on Spring Road (a car-free dog off-leash paved roadway). Xerxes has been doing great about being calm greeting dogs and not baying. We meet a 11 year old golden who is definitely showing her age.

Me: She's beautiful, how old?
Owner: She's 11. Yours are pretty young, eh? They look so active!
Me: (oh geez this is awkward)
Me, gesturing at Neb: Actually, he's 11 too.
Me: But he's smaller...

I was about to scuttle off when a shepherd mix goes by, and Xerxes decides to take offence.

Me: Okay, we're going!

Xerxes calms down, starts greeting dogs nicely again and being neutral when walking past.

Me, seeing the family with the doodle-type dog that lives in our building that is the NICEST dog and that Xerxes inexplicably HATES. Like he hates that dog so much...

Me: Oh CRAP. Xerxes, quiet...goooood quiet. Quiet.
Neb: Hey! Xerxes is baying at that dog! Maybe it wants to play with me!

Neb and the doodle start playing while Xerxes bays, until they almost get hit by two bikes (why you would ride through a busy off-leash area is beyond me, but disaster was averted by me and the other owners and the rider avoiding at the last minute and getting pissed off, but really - there are a whole bunch of ACTUAL roads in High Park, including a few with bike lanes, use those).

We head off, and Xerxes gets less riled up. But is still hyped up, and once we get on the trail out of the park, bays at another dog...


So then Neb and this dog are playing and Xerxes is half-baying out of anger and half-baying his 'LET'S PLAY' bay because he just can't make up his mind because Xerxes is an idiot.

And then Neb ran up the stairs heading back to our apartment...full of beans, that guy!

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Haha they’re such goofs! Xerxes especially 😜 Always makes for an adventure for sure.
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