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GAH! I can't beleive it's been a month!
So sorry I've been absent so long, but this job search is taking up about 80% of my time now. That plus taking care of the pooch...

Menolly's birthday party was a smashing success (pics at the end). My friend couldn't make it so it was just family. We played doggy trivia games, had hot dogs for lunch, Menolly did a short Agility/trick demonstration to music (wish I could upload the video!), and of course everyone sang and had cake. I tried to put a 'birthday girl' bandanna on her but she'd have none of it. Ironically, she wore the purple bandanna I got for her at Strutt Your Mutt a week later; sort of the local version of a caninen meet-up. Maybe the red one just wasn't her color...

For presents she got a brand-new collar, a new rope chew-toy (she destroyed the one she got at Christmas), and a 'long-lasting' chew treat...which she destroyed in two minutes.

It could be my imagination, but Menolly is definately mellowing out now that she's 'grown-up'. She listens a lot more to vocal commands and is getting gentler with my nephew. She's even gotten better with not taking food. We've figured out as long as you can defend your own plate she respects that and leaves you alone. She's even starting to leave my nephew alone, and all he can do is shoo her away.

What's most releiving is Dad, who has been the most vocal complainer when she's gotten into stuff, has finally opened up to her. I think he was probably afraid to love her because of his hurt over losing 'his' eleven year old dog two and half years ago, but now he genuinely loves her and even defends her when my sister gripes at him.

As for me, this dog has become my life.
My family jokes I treat her like a baby, but she really is my furry 'kid'. I feed her, clean her, exercise her, play with her, teach her...everything a mommy should do. I'm even including her in my outlandish plan to ride cross-country on my bicycle in a year or two...'cause no way am I leaving her for two months.

As for those pics, I've only gotten the chance to upload four from her birthday party, so here they are...
Singing to to dog

Evidently Menolly was bored by our singing...


This pic was just too cute so I had to share.

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Looks like you all had a BLAST!! Happy Birthday Menolly!! Those party hats are awesome!!
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