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Last year, when he was an only dog, we got Spock a little devil horn tie-on head accessory. It didn't seem to fit his personality, since he is the sweetest dog I've ever met. Maybe it's a better fit for Bones, though. We don't always feel that way, but some days, love is definitely accompanied by exasperation.

My boyfriend sat in the hall with her during the day and dressed her up with the horns. We laughed and took a few cute pictures. Tonight, she seemed to grow into them. She jumped up on the couch where my boyfriend was working with his (admittedly old and broken-down) laptop. I say she jumped onto the couch, but she didn't land directly on it - she used the open laptop as a cushion.

My boyfriend, who diagnoses and fixes computer problems as part of his job, messed with the laptop for several minutes and pronounced the hard drive damaged. Luckily, he still has his desktop PC, but he used to enjoy watching TV in the living room and using the remote desktop function to dial in to his desktop from the laptop and work on something or surf the internet.

(Please forgive the carpet stains; our carpet was ruined when we had air conditioner problems this summer.)


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