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We did some puppy-proofing when Spock came home with us - spraying apple bitter on cords, keeping the trash can and recycle bin on a small counter in a corner of the kitchen - but they still get their teeth on things such as my boyfriend's cigarettes, everyone's socks and underwear, both cell phones, my glasses. I have my eye out constantly for things they can potentially chew, and nothing that is expensive/messy/dear, small enough for them to chew, and not durable is left anywhere lower than the kitchen counter. I regularly go through the living room to make sure my boyfriend or his friends haven't left food or drinks out and long-unattended on the coffee table, we have tall closing hampers stashed in our closets where we (optimistically) put our dirty clothes, etc. It's just a matter of diligence in keeping things out of reach and of gently correcting bad behavior the moment you see it.
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