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LOL! Takes me back to September 2003 when I got my first beagle puppy. We lost two cell phones, four remotes, two pairs of (expensive!) sunglasses, untold amounts of my lingerie, a digital camera, a cordless phone, multiple pairs of gloves and shoes, one cashmere scarf, and that's what I can remember! LOL.

We finally decided that anything that was within beagle reach was fair game. So we removed the temptation by putting everything away, leaving only the allowable chew toys out. So we helped Brooks by helping ourselves. We were green at the time and didn't know better, but it worked. Now, if the dog grabs something inappropriate to chew on, I quickly remove it, correct him/her, give him/her something appropriate to chew on and praise him/her as appropriate. Seems to have fixed the problem. I do still, however, not leave anything out when I leave, just in case.
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