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Either the baby gate or putting things out of reach will work. The former will work unless the dog figures out he can climb the gate, but the latter will work into adulthood.

Shortly after we got Chica the wife and kids brought home a stray kitten. We set up his food on the clothes dryer, which was too high for Chica to jump up on and too smooth to climb. For the litter box we put a peice of carpet and cardboard on the crate we got with Chica and put the litter box on that. We don't keep Chica in that crate anymore since she destroyed one of the latches to get out, so we use it as a safe place to store bags of pet food. Anyway, it is all up high enough to keep Chica and Monty out of it. In our case a baby gate would not work because Monty figured out how to climb them.
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