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Licking, licking, licking..obsessive licking!

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Anyone else's Beagle do this?
I honestly wouldnt mind a kiss here or there, but Baxter takes it to a new level.... Annoying!
I think he is ocd sometimes
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Originally Posted By: Baxters momma
I think he is ocd sometimes
all dogs are OCD I like to think. Chloe is not a licker, she won't even kiss me unless I smear something on my mouth
. I am trying to teach her to lick my face when I say kiss. Not working so far.

My friends maltese on the other hand, jumps on her, holds her face with his paws and licks her to death! If she dares move her head, he immediately make her face him again
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Don't feel like you are alone on this topic!
Here are links to two previous threads about the same thing:


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Jersey loves to lick the palms of my hands. If I am petting her and have my hand under her chin, she always licks my palm. She'll keep going if I let her.
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