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Licking his urine after going potty

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One of Bodie's quarks is he will lick his own urine in the grass after going potty. This tends to happen more at night when we take him out for his potty breaks before bed.

For potty training purposes we've been removing his water after dinner around 6:30. So I'm gathering he's doing this because he's thirsty. But I'm afraid if we give him water before bed he'll have an accident.

I took him in to the Vet today for another series of shots and she said it's definitely not normal, but nothing to be alarmed about. Her take was it was behavioral and that we should try giving him a little water before bed.

Has anyone experienced this with their Beagle and if so how did you correct it?
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That's weird. I've never seen a dog do that, only saw them eating their poop.
Welllllll, Guess who does this? LOL yes Baxter.
And we do not limit his water until 8-9pm.
He always does it. he has actually licked his urine mid stream before.
You are not alone!
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My newest pack member, Phathom the Boxer, was a *junkyard* dog on a chain for 6 yrs. Now he is a happy puesdoBeagle, and maybe because he has no front teeth and his tongue always sticks out, but he instead of using his nose to *smell*, he uses his tongue.
Our pup has done this when he had an accident in the house. I correct it just as I would if I had seen him during the accident. We take his water away around 8 pm, but if I see him licking the dish, I give him a little more because he must really need it.

And although you're taking his water away, does he have any snacks or treats after that? Rawhide and bully sticks seem to make our guy parched!!
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