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Let me give a quick explanation of the set up I have for Oreo. I have a 5x15' outdoor kennel attached to the house. He has a doggy door and I put his crate up against the doggy door so he can come inside and lie in his crate but can't get in to the basement game room.

Just the other day, when I was wondering if maybe he was ready to have more of a run of the basement while I'm gone for the day, I came home to find he'd pushed the crate away and gotten into the room. You guessed it - two fresh piles on the carpet! He's fine when I'm home but I guess he's not as independently trained as I would hope. (I've had him for a month).

He does go to the bathroom outside in the kennel so I know he knows to use it there and he hasn't messed when I'm home in several weeks. Could someone give some suggestions on how to delineate that the outdoor kennel is for pooping but not inside the house?
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