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Can't remember if I posted an intro or not, so here comes another:

Lemon and Luna Pictures

Lemon and Luna Beagle - my furry babies:)

Adopted from BeaglesRUs Beagle rescue in September 2003 - paid for as a graduation gift when I got my PhD.

Lemon was overweight (about 3 years old when I got her)- still loves to eat - and has a strong nose - problem is she scents EVERYTHING from cat to dog to bunny. luna (about a year old when I got her, maybe a little younger) is most likely a failed hunting dog, or lived with someone who did not appreciate her nature - she's my fraidy dog - scared of loud noises, brooms, unfamiliar items, etc. - didn't even bark when I first got her. She's still very puppy-like - and playful - even 5 years later.

Barooo!!! Baroooooark!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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