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This was posted by one of my dear friends and members of Beagle Bay. This little beagle needs help. I've scheduled a couple of payments (not much because I am pretty well over extended as it is), but every little bit will help this sweet girl have a new chance at life. My friend would take her, but she already is over limit on dogs - she has 6 dogs now (limit is 3), including a senior blind dog, 2 seniors with heart prolems, and a rescue who had severe heartworm problems. She is the best doggie mommy I've ever known, and has a very giving heart for any animal in need.

Someone turned a Lemon Beagle
over to my Vet Tuesday. She is approx
4 to 5 years old.
This baby has been supposingly hit
by a car & has heart worms.
The person that had her said she
just didn't want to put out the
expense to have her taken care of,
so she told my Vet to do what
she wanted. Thank goodness @
least she had the decency to take
her to a Vet. My Vet also says she
hasn't been spaded & it's not been
to long since she's had puppies.
My Vet feels that she is probably
a circumstance being used as breeding
material. She is going to have to
have surgery, her pelvis is broken
from the car supposingly hitting her
(or that is what
the lady said happened to her, my
Vet has her doubts about that,
she really thinks the furbaby has
been abused) & she will have to have
heart worm treatments & also be spaded.
Right now the pelvis is the main thing to be done,
then the heart worms & then spading.
I want to take her, but you know the
circumstances with me & this sorry City.
But, since I can't, Ron & I did
donate some to help with the costs.
They have been in contact with
Oklahoma Beagle Rescue, & they are
going to put her on their website, but
she is not going to be ready for adoption
for quite sometime. The pelvis surgery
takes 8 weeks to recover from, she is
going to have to have a plate put in, &
the heart worm treatments will take 6
months, @ least. This baby is going to be down
for quite sometime because there is no running,
jumping or playing after the surgery & the same
goes for the heart worm treatments.
I am asking for donations to help with all
the medical expenses that needs to be done,
to give this baby another chance.
Thank you for listening, may not get any
results, but at least I have tried for this
Lemon Beagle. I am asking that any one who
can donate, send them directly to my Vet's
Hospital & not to me.
Thank you for @ least reading this, this
baby is really a sweetie. I went & visited her
yesterday & got a pic to share. Her pic is
attached at the bottom. If you can donate
please send to:

Green Country Veterinary Hospital
12226-A Heywood Hill Rd
Sapulpa OK 74066

Please put a note in your donation that
it is for the Lemon Beagle.
Any amount will help no matter how
small it is, if you can help.

Here is a pic of her. Notice the heart
shape marking on the top of her head.
She is sooooooo cute & she really is a
sweetie, she wagged her tail some for me.
They keep her in a play pen, it is more comfy.
She is on an IV for antibiotics & pain meds.
She is actually lighter in color, my camera is
getting rather old.
**Note: I'll post a picture of her in a separate post since the picture won't copy here. I'll have to save it to my computer then to Photobucket.

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Being an Okie, myself, I will certainly send what I can to help out a little Oklahoma cutie like that! Oh, I do hope she will find a good forever home. Poor little thing.

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Thank you, Buffy. I scheduled a couple of small donations for the next couple of paydays. With my 9-pack I can't really afford much, but will give what I can to help her. I realize I can't save them all - no matter how much I'd like to. Joanie would love to take her - she has the biggest heart ever, but her neighbors turned her in for having too many dogs - we were afraid she was going to lose some of them - and she has dogs with severe health problems, her Sassy (chi) is about 18 years old - and has heart and thyroid problems, KC is about 8 years old, she is a dog I fostered, and a sweeter girl you wouldn't find - but she has developed heart and thyroid problems also. Joanie has two other rescues, a beagle mix named Brownie that was going to be pts because she had heartworms, and a blind senior male beagle - who is her latest rescue.
Again, thank you on behalf of Joanie.
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