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I wrote on here a few weeks ago about my little beagle's problems with the leash. Well, all of you were right, it was just a matter of waiting a couple more weeks. She is doing GREAT on leash now. (She is 14 weeks Wednesday) She will jump around a little bit when she wants to keep stiffing a particular direction but that's it.

This past weekend I decided to take her on a walk with the kids (ages 5 & 7) and their scooters. She had a BALL running beside them and she (and me!) got some great exercise in the process!

We are still having problems with housetraining though, which is a bit disappointing. We keep her in the crate during the day and we reward her whenever she goes outside, but sometimes she will just come right in after being outside 20 minutes and pee on the carpet or poop on my son's bean bag! We are hoping this also improves with age and we start a puppy class on the 31st but if you have any advice, bring it on!!!


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