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If he's from strong field lines his scenting instinct must be very strong!

I walk my beagle, who just turned two years old the other day, with minimal fuss. It took us a while to get here but it was well worth the effort in the end. I used a martingale collar fitted nice and snuggly to just behind her ears, and when pulled I would give her a quick correction (pull the lead length ways, not up). You don't need to check hard or try to hurt him, but 'pop' the lead quickly. The dog actually begins to associate the sound of the chain (I use a martingale that has a chain as well as the nylon collar) with doing the wrong thing. I would also change direction if she was pulling too hard, and she would have to rush to catch up to me. This proves to her that I was controlling the walks, and she wouldn't get anywhere by pulling. It helps if you can try this method of changing direction each time he pulls/walks in front of you in a big park of field where you have lots of space. I also bring some high value treats i.e. chicken or sausage or cheese, and I reward her as soon as she does the right thing.

Walking on a flat (i.e. normal) collar will not help IMO. I use martingales because they are more comfortable for the dogs than check chains and they can't slip out of them. They can also be adjusted to sit higher up on the dogs neck rather than keep slipping down. I have never personally found a harness useful because a dog's strength comes from its chest and it has always given mine more ability to pull - but that's just me

I am a bit different in opinion to some here in that I will use positive and negative reinforcement, my beagle is very stubborn and very strong in character and giving her a correction or letting her know she has done the wrong thing works well with her. She is certainly not a soft dog LOL!
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