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Latest Murphy News

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We just got Murphy's CBC results back. His lymphosite count was 61,000 two weeks ago and 51,000 last week. It has dropped to 7,500! (1,500 is normal) All his other counts are normal. We have been told to cut back his meds. We are getting there.

All I can say is... HIP HIP HOORAY! :thumbup:
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MD that is really great news about Murphy We all have our fingers crossed and hope Murphy keeps up with this rate of recovery. Great news again. :thumbup: :bounce: :bounce:
Great to hear!

Way to go, Murphy!!!! :happyhappy:
:woohoo: !! What fabulous news -- big hugs for Murphy the wonder dog!
Great news! We are thrilled for Murphy.
Tummy rubs are in order! Happy Happy Happy!
Keep up the good work, Murphy
Congratulations Murphy!! :bounce2:
That's super GREAT news!!! Way to go, Battleship Murphy :thumbup:
Congrats! Good news :bounce:

Charlie mom
Great news!! :happyhappy: Way to go Murphy!!
Wonderful news MD. Keep up the good work Murphy, we all want you to be fit for many years to come. :heart:
Yay! Way to go Murphy!!!! :happyhappy: :happyhappy:
:hyper: YEAH!!! Snoopy and I are so happy for Murphy!!!! :hyper:
Wow, what great success and so soon!!! Yea Murphy!!! Hopefully you can cut back on the Prednisone so he won't get into the garbage and eat Peperoni anymore. ha ha Keep up the great work Murphy and family!!! Hi Summer!!
Great news about Murphy. He seems to have such a wonderful life spirit.
I'm so happy to hear such good news. Murphy is a tropper (from all that I have read about his life) AND you are the best family he could have.

Thank you for being so dedicated. It's so wonderful to hear how much the people on this forum love their animals.

Yeahhhhh for Murphy.

Fantastic news! Murphy really is a wonder dog with wonderful parents. BIG hugs for your little man.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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