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last night we went out for a bit & took Georgia with us.
she hates to be left home alone in her crate & she is so good in the car.

it was around her dinner time so we brought her bowl & food & some water

we went in to a store for a quick stop to get some milk and than drove to a nice park to give Georgia her dinner

well when I went to go find it it was nowhere to be found just a plastic zip loc bag with a BIG hole in it so she went into the bag & got her bag of food when we went into the store to get milk & ate her dinner littlp poop

but today when I took her out for her morning potty she got sick & did not do potty she would just sit & at one point even layed down which she has never done so I brought her back inside
she ate her AM meal & is now sleepinng on the couch
is there anything I can do for her to help her feel better?
should I be concerned about the plastic she may of have eater?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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