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Kona coming back to me

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Well Kona has had a long history with me.He was my first foster with beagle paws,got adopted,then returned and came back to me again,He was taken to a new foster home because of my pending back surgey it would have been too hard on my house during my recovery and the adopted home that was lined up backed out,Well I was recently told that Konas current foster home can no longer keep him so he is coming back to me again that makes 3 beagles and 1 large dog,3 cats(1 pregnant),2 rabbits,1 bird.
Ohh and i found out my official surgery date is Feb 17 so i hope between all the the animals and surgery it will work out good Keeping my fingers crossed
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Good luck to both you and Kona. It's amazing how quickly they grab our heart strings isn't it? When you have as many pets as you do I figure the more the merrier. I'm sure all will work out well in the end.
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